how many followers do u have?

795 (:

Thank you thank you thank you raised to infinity for all those links to KaJen interviews.. you had to go through so much trouble to collect them. Thanks a ton!!


hi guys ksg fanatic here, would you tell me a good place to find pics of him...just him? or if you could post some that would be amaze!!!

hellooooo and here you goooo you can probs find anything and everything related to karan on that fb page (:

Hey, do you have the Youtube links of all old and new KaJen interviews by any chance? Can you post them please. Thanks a ton in advance!!

image imma give myself a round of applause cos this actually took a lot of time and i stayed pretty patient while looking for them (until like arnd the end where i was like fk it lol) kajsdf but im never doing this again for anyone rofl

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I really love Karan as Asad Ahmed Khan ! I FUCKING love him in this role ^_^

well since you loveeee him, here have some Asad on your dash (:

image image who the fk looks this sinfully hot while PRAYINGG???

image oh those rare sightings of Asad Not-So-In-Control-&-Turned-On Khan

image image


image oh that pigheadedness :’)

image image if you look this sexy while cryinggg no ones gonna pray for you to be happy like come on fuck those eyess!!!! okay may be that sounds a tad bit too sadistic

image image Last but certainly not least Nanga Ahmed Khan SIGHHHHHHH