Happy Holi to you (Jennifer) and to you all KSGians and KaJenians and Jenniferians. We are happy working together and I’m sure you guys are also happy, so have fun! - Karan Singh Grover

"The thing is nothing much has really changed! Both of us were also very comfortable during DMG time also, and now toh we are beyond comfortable! We have become experienced! So it does become a lot easier as your mind is at ease! You don’t feel the urge to go home because the person you want to go home for is right there with you! It is really fun! Karan is a lot of fun to be around!"

Holi ka rang chadega with Jennifer and Karan Singh Grover soon on

pe dekhiye Holi with Jennifer and Karan Singh Grover on 16th Maech Sunday ko 12.30 onwards.. Don’t miss..

If it's not too much problem Can you PLEASE take a cap of your save for web settings? Whenever I make something it looks nice but when I save for web the quality deteriorates :(
Aren't you gonna gif some of the stuff D3's cast said about KSG? Please do...

Um not at the moment!! That video was super sweet but way too long I didn’t even get to finish it yet lol I have a short attention span .. may be we will gif it as part of another gif set sometime soon.